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No Time to Blog, Wanted to Say Hi

I really wanted to write a blog post today. But things were pretty crazy – I was hopping from one tunnel to another all day. Instead of writing a blog post after work tonight, I took my son out for a nice meal. Here’s a picture from my time with Aaron. I’ll make some time […]

No Time to Blog

Things are going great here are Aardvark Service. It’s never been easier to dig deep to make you happy! No time to blog, though. Hope you had a fun St. Patrick’s Day.  It’s a favorite at the Green house.

Busier than an Aardvark on an Ant Hill

Mr. Green here again. I have been keeping so busy running my business, that I haven’t had time to write new blog posts like I want. What I dig: Being busy. What I don’t dig: How much of a time commitment this blog has turned out to be.

New Year, New Blog Posts!

It’s a new year and we’ve dug out from the holidays with a renewed focus on keeping our blog up to date. Mrs. Green and the little Greens kept me busy in the past three weeks. I’ve been spending the past couple of days looking at end of year reports for our service business. But […]

RIP, Ant-y Anne

I feel pretty bad, actually.  Our old system of keeping track of our kitchen exhaust cleaning schedule on the whiteboard behind Mr. Purple’s desk (our Chief Fixing Officer) was working so great.  Until it wasn’t. But it turns out that over the long Easter weekend, the entire Aardvark Service team’s favorite restaurant, Ant-y Anne’s burned […]

Welcome to the “Can you Dig it?” Blog!

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about how to make our website more popular in local search results on Google.  Adding new content in blog posts is one of the recommendations, so here’s our blog!  Welcome to it. In each post, we’ll tell you what we’re digging. Today, I’m digging our new website.  Our […]